Lecture Multi-agent Systems: Technologies, Design, Platforms


Uni Koblenz-Landau: VAK 04IN2053 / 432053
Uni Bremen: VAK 03-ME-710.20
Category: Lecture+Lesson, 4 SWS
Master Course
ECTS: 6, Sommer Semester
University of Koblenz-Landau
University of Bremen
Lecturer: PD Dr. Stefan Bosse


  1. Agent models, architectures, and programming models (declarative, knowledge based, reactive, object-oriented like JAVA / AgentSpeak / Jason, and procedural)
  2. BDI model and architectures, Agent communication (FIPA-ACL)
  3. Agents as mobile processes
  4. Reactive Mobile Agents and their implementation; Behavioral description with dynamic Activity-Transition Graphs and metalanguage AAPL
  5. Mapping of AAPL on concrete programming languages: AgentJS
  6. Multi-agent systems: cooperation and collaboration
  7. Self-organizing and self-adaptive systems
  8. Execution platforms and frameworks for mobile agents (Jade, JAM, AFVM)
  9. Introduction to JAM and practical lessons: JavaScript agent processing machine
  10. Simulation with MAS and simulation of MAS
  11. Deployment of MAS in heterogeneous environments
  12. Usage Scenarios: Sensor Networks, Crowd Sensing, Cloud Computing, IoT, Production, Logistics, Business

Goals / competences

The students acquire / win / learn

  1. Basic understanding of agents and their behavioral models compared to classical data processing models and classical software
  2. Basics of distributed perceptive and reactive systems and ability of programming such systems
  3. Basic understanding and application of communication, cooperation, and collaboration between agents
  4. Ability of practical application and mapping of agent models with programming in simple usage scenarios
  5. Understand and apply examples of self-organizing systems and their adaptivity
  6. Practical implementation of simple MAS with the JAM platform, JavaScript (AgentKS), and the SEJAM Simulator
  7. Insights into the technological implementation of multi-agent systems and agent platforms